Building lifting in Gurugram

We are the unparalleled company in Gurgaon in the field of building lifting services. For any questions call 9315672648

We can also move your home or building from town to town or just to a different place on your lot.  General contracting services, new title 5 septic, and demolition is just some of the services that we can offer.  We look forward to working with you so do not hesitate to call us today for house moving or building lifting.

About Gurgaon City

Legendary Gurgaon was an ancestral village gifted by the Pandavas and the Kauravas to their teacher Dronacharya. It is believed that this is the place where Dronacharya gave lessons on archery to the Pandavas. In Sanskrit, Guru means teacher, which in this case relates to Guru Dronacharya and both Gram and Gaon mean village.

It has coordinates of 28.4595° N, 77.0266° E.

We also offer Building shifting services in Mahendragarh that is 113.2 km from Gurgaon. House lifting services in Jhajjar is also offered that is 43.6 km from Gurgaon. Other nearby districts where we offer  House shifting services are Rewari and Mewat.