Building Lifting in Kannur

We are the number one company in Kannur  in the field of building lifting services. For any questions call 9315672648.

Do you want to get more out of the space on your property? Have the experts to undertake a professional house shifting or building shifting  and notice the difference an elevated, solid foundation makes.

About Kannur City

The Thaliparamba-Kannur- Thalassery area abounds in rock-cut caves, dolments, burial stone circles and menhirs, all of megalithic burial order. It has coordinates of 11.8745° N, 75.3704° E.

We also offer House lifting services in Kasaragod that is 97.1 km from Kannur. Building shifting services or Building lifting  services in Wayanad is also offered that is  113.3 km from Kannur. Other nearby districts where we offer House shifting services are  Kozhikkode and Malappuram.

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