Building lifting in Karnal

Our company got to look for tough competition in Karnal in the field of building lifting services which makes us fundamentally strong. For any questions call 9315672648.

We have encountered many situations where house moving or building raising was the most viable solution. Some common situations include, but are not limited to; flood risk, foundation deterioration, the desire for a full basement or extra living space, historical preservation, commercial development and property line disputes.

About Karnal City

Karnal was in the rule of Mughals till the year 1739, when the Persian King Nadir Shah conquered  the Mughal ruler Muhammad Shah in the Battle of Karnal on February 13, 1739. Nadir Shah conquered Muhammad Shah force in merely three hours of battle. This was the start of the Persian rule which aimed at moving towards Delhi.

It has coordinates of 46.0854° N, 13.6343° E.

We also offer House shifting services in Kaithal that is 64.3 km from Karnal. Building shifting services in Jind is also offered that is 85 km from Karnal. Other nearby districts where we offer House lifting services are Panipat and Sonipat.