Building lifting in Latur

We are ideal company in Latur in the field of building lifting services. For any questions call 9315672648.

Bringing pride to your home the relatively inexpensive task of House raisingor building moving might seem a little daunting at first it is all quite simple with the right people on the job and start to finish is completed quite quickly.

About Latur City

Latur district is located to the south east of Maharashtra State on the border of Maharashtra and Karnatka. It was a segment of Osmanabad District till 15th Aug1982. Latur, the headquarter of the District is an oldie town and the home of Ratta or Rashtrakutas. It has coordinates of 18.4088° N, 76.5604° E.

We also offer House lifting services in Osmanabad that is 74 km from Latur. Building shifting services in Nanded is also offered that is 131.5 km from Latur. Other nearby districts where we offer House shifting servicesare Beed and Parbhani.