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Building Shifting

We have great experience in building and house shifting Services. Our prices are economical & we are ready to deliver 24/7.  If you are looking to lift your house without any damage done, then you are at the right place.

If you want a house extension, a better option may be to raise your house and put in a new floor. Raising your house can allow you to increase the height of your basement ceiling or create a new full basement from a crawl space.

Lifting or shifting of home is done using jack & lift method. We lift buildings upwards or downwards   according to the choice of customers.

In this way you can avoid the cost of selling & purchasing new home.

These services are good decision to take for getting rid of problems like sewage very frequently. In floods also this is the best solution.

Highly skilled and trained professionals are there in our team and they will deliver you the best & damage free work in building or house raising field.