House shifting in Hisar

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House moving or Building raising is done for the houses whose bases have been eroded by sand, or whose floors creak, have an uneven settlement or basic deterioration.  The company will excavate the area, pour a new foundation with their own concrete forms.  They place steel beams beneath the house, and lift the house to fix the area.  They will also add new floor joists and beams and do the carpentry work.  Adding a full basement is also an option to expand the usable area in you home or office.

About Hisar City

During Akbar rule (1556-1605) Hisar became once more a place of huge importance. It was transformed into the headquarters of the revenue Division known as sirkar. As some of Mughal Princes who were linked with Hisar, subsequently became the Emperors. In the history of India, the city of Hisar is known  as the Duke of Wellington of Mughal Era.


We also offer Building shifting services in Bhiwani that is 62.1 km from Hisar. House lifting services in Rohtak is also offered that is 101.4 km from Hisar. Other nearby districts where we offer Building lifting services are Fatehabad and Sirsa.