House shifting in Purulia

We are laudable company in Purulia in the field of house shifting services. For any questions call 9315672648.

Building moving or House raising is required when your building has gone lower than the road level when there is not resource to drain water when the road level is above than the level of your room surface. These are not suitable for people to live. And break your building and reconstructing it to bring to the road level can cost lakhs. So lifting your house is the best alternative which saves you time and money.

About Purulia City

As the history of Purulia District illustrate in 1838, the district headquarter was shifted to present Purulia for administrative convenience. Since Purulia District has been perceived as the district headquarters of Jungle Mahals, it was withdrawn from the direct administration and placed under the rule of the delegates of the British Raj.

We also offer Building Lifting services in Medinipur that is 184.6 km from Purulia. House lifting services or Building shifting services in Bankura  is also offered that is 85.3 km from Purulia.