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Preparing a House

Developing a home for a family is everyone’s dream in his life. We work hard day and night and earn so much money building a building for living with our family. So many things are required there. You will have to consult with an architect and will have to get an estimate of investment from him after that he will draw a rough structure of your building from there you can get an idea about your budget that how much you can invest in your dream house. He will show you the complete plane of your building and you and your architect will have to visit your local municipal committee in India to pass your building construction. They will approve it with little stamp duty as per Indian Government rules. After that, you will contact a builder to complete your work. He will start your work and your building will be under construction for few months and as per according to your agreement it will be done very soon. You will start living there it will be a very fine and pleasant movement of your life and everything will be fine in your life. But when our life is not running fine as per our faith in God there may be so many reasons where we can feel so many issues in our life after the construction of our building. We hope everybody should take care of his building during the construction because it may harm you more. You should investigate your builder’s work during the construction process, it is your duty to check whether he is using the good material or not, how much quantity he is using in the lantern? How strong your basement should be, it should be noticed by you. How much height your complex should have during the development does matter.

What Actually a Home is?

A home is one of all the best assets that anyone possesses and constructing someone’s dream house is an awfully difficult and troublesome task. Building a home is quite convoluted and puts us through quite a ton of problems and obligations a lot of to the point; construction designing is one such sophisticated task, just in case if you are constructing a dream house then you ought to take into account varied aspects to construct a secure and secure home that stands tall for many years to return. Reconstruction involves a great deal of cash time and materials. This is often unfeasible for everybody. A lot of over folks have an emotional attachment with their buildings.

It is always a big deal to demolish a precious home so before going to take this action of demolishing think again and think about this technology carefully

Lifting house With jacks in Chennai – Tamilnadu

If your home is below the road level and sewage water frequently flows in, relocation is not the simplest answer. With current technology, you will simply raise the level of your house. Which too with no risks in any respect? It is time to avoid wasting cash and board identical homes that you are wont to living in. Being additional specific, homes that square measure place up in low-lying areas usually face a giant issue. This downside is endless throughout the cloudburst seasons once there is profound rainfall and an important influx of water into the low-lying lands. Before currently the rise and fall of tides engender issues to such houses; the incessant falling rains create this downside even worse. As a result, there is an answer to the present downside and it might be house lifting. Masonry homes are harder to carry, primarily as a result of their style, construction, and weight, however, lifting these homes is possible.

We are also leading House lifting services provider in Kerala as well

Every year, some areas of the country get a lot of rain than the native rivers, canals, and storm drains will handle. Flooding poses a threat to homes and businesses in these communities.

Chennai is the southern part of India, there may be so many reasons to lift or shift a building from below the street level or from one place to another. no need to demolish it, it is the dream house of your family. We charge very reliable and reasonable cost for house lifting. our costing depends upon your building raising or shifting measurements, Our prices are very reasonable in the market however it depends on the matter How many feet you are looking to lift or shift your dream home.

Watch the complete House Lifting Services Video in Chennai

Today citizens are facing numerous issues like getting into wastewater throughout rains owing to lowering down on road levels. Rainy water directly enters into the house and search and destroys the property and make a nice nuisance. If your home is below the road level and you have got no clue as a way to raise its level while not reconstruct it. Specialize in lifting and shifting the homes with no harm and raising their level with the assistance of Jack. With this scientific technique, the project helped many peoples. By choosing this low-cost and effective technique, they have saved lakhs of rupees and their valuable time.

Building a home, repairing, rebuilding or renovation, we all know and heard many time but fixing with a home and that too with its foundation and then lifting it to a desired height, is something not usually heard of.

If your home or business is in one among these areas and has ever been flooded, we are able to facilitate. Elevating your structure on top of the documented flood plain can facilitate defend your building from huge storms. In several cases, lifting your building can cut flood insurance premiums drastically. If you are looking for house lifting services in Chennai then you can contact us any time.

Protect Your Home from Flood harm

Whether your structure must be raised 10 inches or over 10 feet, we are able to handle the project with ease. Our Unified Hydraulic Jacking System is that the latest in structural lifting technology. The hydraulic jacking pump synchronizes the pressure to the jacks so the whole building lifts equally and steady. This keeps drywall or plaster cracks to a blank minimum. we tend to support the structure in situ whereas your mason builds the inspiration beneath.

Read The Contract of Company

Our contract will be written in plain language, not expressive style, and every paragraph provides you with essential data. It is imperative that you just read it carefully.​ we would like you to be absolutely informed and pleased with the process. If there is one thing within the contract that you just do not understand, please offer us a decision and we will be happy to walk you through it.

Because we will solely bid on what we all know, it is important that you just advise us of any changes to your plans. If there are changes created once we have sent a proposal, simply call or email us informing us of these changes and that we will simply revise the proposal.

The same is true for our contract. If you have got not yet signed the contract, we will easily revise it and send you a new one. If you have got signed the contract and sent it back with the deposit, we will write up any changes as a modification Work Order. Up till the day we start work, any changes will be priced as if it was bid that way originally. Any changes once we load our trucks to go out might cause additional loading and/or mobilization fees to be another to the price.

Lift Your Home and Build a Story under that

Did you know that you simply may add a story beneath a raised house?

If you wish to add a story to your house, you don’t have to be compelled to waste time and cash removing and reconstructing a wonderfully smart roof, to not mention cleaning or reworking the story simply below the roof. we are able to elevate the prevailing structure to only on top of the new desired height (typically between 8 to 12 feet). a brand new wood floor system is then built on the prevailing foundation walls and exterior frame walls square measure set in the suit. Once all the bearing points square measure in a suit, our crew can come back to line the house onto the newly-constructed ground level.

Our Commitment for House Uplifting

We should make sure that the building is protected against all kinds of Natural disasters. If your home is lying in a very low surface area close to the ocean or the river, then there are lots of possibilities that your house would be affected by floods. When the homes were constructed, enough anti-flood measures we are not taken to safeguard it from floods. This is often a result of the specified technology was not out there at that time of your time. Protection from floods to a home is common in areas of South and West India etc. wherever these areas are subjected to heavy rain. it is not uncommon for these areas to urge flooded quickly. That is why; most of the homes that are created during this space are created on an elevated plane. the houses are usually designed on a platform that is an honest four to five feet on top of ground level.

Your Assumptions and our Technology

The sole options stay is that to elevate these houses from the foundation at the side of the foundation. Currently, you may assume that this is often a not possible task. However, this is often not. Modern technology has created it possible for a completely created concrete building to be raised up along with the foundation. There are several home lifters out there these days. it is has become a typical feature, especially in low-lying areas to elevate your home and make certain that you are protected against flood. This whole method, however, is a very dangerous and risky job and will be handled only by professionals. By no means must have you attempted house lifting on your own. This however again, is quite not possible. Although you probably did get your hands on a hydraulic elevate, the power truck, the concrete reinforcements, and alternative equipment that you need to complete the method, you would have to manage operative all of them at once to successfully complete the method of lifting your home. Most of the time, such a task is completed by a team of certified professionals who know how to use the instrumentation and those that have expertise in handling such a project. You must thus hire the correct people for the work and find the work done by them.

Budget for Building Lifting 

Now it will be a question in your mind that How much is the House lifting cost in Chennai?

House lifting cost depends on the area of your house whether it is a single storey or multi-story building, it always makes a huge difference almost in lakhs or maybe more.

Now you may assume such a method is costly and you cannot afford it. While this is often not true, the nice news is that you simply can very well afford it. Indeed you can get it finished at reasonable pricing! KDBL provides a range of companies to select the best services provider you can bargain and select any from a list. Thus all you actually ought to do is make a call to us and get the best solution ever to get rid of your problems.

Solution for House lifting services in Tamilnadu

So if you feel your building is below street level then you can meet us, we can solve all your problems like house lifting or building shifting. We do 100% risk-free work. Our past track record is very fine you can meet any of our clients any time we will provide you the details of our satisfied customers.

Is House Lifting Safe?

If you too are thinking about raising your house and the question in your mind is whether it is safe to raise the house or not. So I would like to tell you that it is absolutely safe to lift the house. Because our trained and experienced engineers will not do anything wrong to lift your house. So in the end I would like to say that house lifting is a very safe and good technique that you can use to lift your house.

About Chennai City

The history of Chennai illustrates that the city is about 400 years old. Chennai has coordinates of 13.0827° N, 80.2707° E.

We also offer building lifting services in Vellore that is 139.7km from Chennai. Other nearby districts where we offered house shifting services are Thiruvallur, Tiruvannamalai and Kanchipuram.

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