Building Lifting in Coimbatore

We are the best company in Coimbatore in the field of building lifting services. For any questions call 9315672648.

If you want to raise your house because it is below street level then house shifting or building Shifting is the best solution. Our experienced staff and skilled labor are ready 24/7 to do the work.

So let us start it and take your building to a suitable height that is comfortable for you and your family

About Coimbatore City

Originally Coimbatore district formed part of the Kongu country, the history of which dates back to the Sangam age. It has coordinates of 11.0168° N, 76.9558° E.

We also offer building lifting services in Dindigul that is 152 km from Coimbatore. Building shifting services or House lifting services in Pudukkottai is also offered by KD Building Lifting Services that is 267.8 km from Coimbatore. Other nearby districts where we offer House shifting services areMadurai and Thiruvarur.

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Building Maintenance and Construction
Service Type
Building Maintenance and Construction
Coimbatore, Dindigul, Pudukkottai, Madurai and Thiruvarur
if sewage water is coming in your house then you can use our home lifting services in coimbatore