Building lifting in Gwalior

We are certified company in Gwalior in the field of building lifting services. For any questions call 9315672648.

House moving or Building raising are solid and believable, which is accumulated by our ethical work approach and legitimate lifting and manufacture method for the development of the building without breaking.

About Gwalior City

Myth has it that some 2000 years ago, a Rajput chieftain Suraj Sen was cured of leprosy by the water from a hilltop pool at the emphasis of the hermit saint Gwalipa, who lived nearby. The grateful nobleman made a fort on the hill naming it Gwalior in honour of the saint. It has coordinates of 26.2183° N, 78.1828° E.

We also offer such services in Morena that is 36 km from Gwalior. Building shifting services in Bhind is also offered that is 78 km from Gwalior. Other nearby districts where we offer House shifting services are Datia and Sheopur.