Building lifting in Tikamgarh

We are prime company in Tikamgarh in the field of building lifting services. For any questions call 9315672648.

As a dependable service provider our company offer complete Building Lifting And Shifting Services, which create a smart, safe and fast way to lift different types of structures. These services are efficient and integrated, meeting your perfect needs for elevation of buildings and allied construction works.

About Tikamgarh City

The remains suggest that the district had a rich and beautiful past. The district of Tikamgarh pastly used to be a part of the vast empires successively ruled by the Mauryas, the Sungas and the imperial Guptas. It was during the first quarter of ninth century A.D. that Mannuka established a new dynasty called the Chandella dynasty in this area.

Its coordinates are 24.9642° N, 78.9288° E.

We also offer House shifting  services in Shivpuri that is 207.8 km from Tikamgarh. Building shifting services  in Guna is also offered that is 193.1 km from Tikamgarh. Other nearby districts where we offer House lifting services are Raisen.