House shifting in Latur

We are an exemplary company in Latur in the field of house shifting services. For any questions call 9315672648.

If your basement has a low ceiling, or it’s just a partial basement or a crawlspace, you’ll either need building moving or house raising to raise your house.

About Latur City

According to  puranas epics Ramayana southern part of Maharashtra known as dandakaranya. In the historical times this territory was a part of the empire of King Ashoka. After the death of Ashoka, Satvahana came in power and his capital was at Pratisthana i e Paithan in Aurangabad dist.

We also offer these services in Beed that is 133.7 km from Latur. Building shifting services or Building lifting services in Parbhani is also offered that is 130.6 km from Latur. Other nearby districts where we offer House lifting services are Osmanabad  and Nanded.